Why Nokia would benefit from android and windows phone 7

Nokia is supposedly going to sack some of its top executives as a part of stephen elop’s change of strategy for Nokia.
Now there’s a rumour going on that nokia might adopt windows phone 7 @ a conference this friday
and may be android till meego is completely ready
atleast dats wat I have read from various sources.
Now about nokia adopting android and wp7
would only lead to nokia’s success would ber because in india in my case nokia products are sold on the basis of after sales customer service that gets rave reviews for quick & imopeccable service hell even I bought my first nokia phone after hearing about it’s service.Nokia’s customer service and android’s monstrous growth along with wp7 will only lead to nokia’s gain in world market,well that’s why I think it would profit nokia
and meego may also even add to it after it gets stability to nokia.

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