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Icloud under the scanner

June 13, 2011

After announcing the much awaited software updates at WWDC like ios5,icloud & New Mac os.

In Particular the iCloud which is termed revolutionary by people all over the industry.So What is iCloud?

Basically its making your ios device wireless.Suppose if you download an app on your iPhone then using iCloud service it will install the same app on your iPad,iPod.Same for the songs once paid you can listen to it on any device.This is kind of cool.

But just a few days after the launch some controversies came up like 

(1)The name iCloud which belongs to the other company.the company alreay has filed a copyright infringement against apple.

This was reported by tech website engadget(…

(2)Apple is currently under the scanner for being alleged by a developer that it has copied features from his service.

This seriously shocks me to hear this as it sounds awful but the the fact that it is alleged that it copied features from a cydia app named Wi-Fi sync.

The develoiper in question is Greg Hudges who’s application had been rejected by the App Store due to some security reasons after which hew released it through Cydia @10$ and the app has been downloaded about 50,000 times,now i don’t think anything else is left to say but the developer isn’t going to push things but i feel sadd for thedeveloper who even after this he would’nt push things.I mean what is that person feeling only he knows.I wish him all the best.


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